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Russia is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world, from its size to its cultural and historical treasures. Its landscapes and great fauna and flora variety make this country a unique travel destination. Unfortunately, Russia sometimes seems to be a faraway and inaccessible place for many people. Don’t worry, it’s not true.

Certainly, it is a trip that must be prepared in advance, and it will require going through some administrative formalities.

Obtaining a visa is mandatory for citizens of most countries and its acquisition may sometimes seem difficult, but once you have all the necessary information it’s a child’s play.

Make sure to apply for your visa in advance, as to obtain it you will need to collect a set of required documents. One of the most important documents necessary before starting the visa application process is the invitation letter (also known as visa support or tourist voucher).

Once you get it, you will be able to visit Russia and enjoy its wonders, from the sparkling spires of St. Petersburg to the unique landscape of the steppes. But first of all, let’s take a closer look at the invitation letter and its specifications.

An invitation letter is a document required to apply for a visa in order to visit Russia.

This document can also be known as visa support. Sometimes it’s called a ‘’tourist voucher’’.

An invitation letter has to be provided by a person or a corporation (company, hotel, university, etc) legally established in Russia.

Authorized public institutions can also issue a tourist voucher. Indeed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the AFMS (administrative migration federal service) can be solicited in order to provide the invitation letter.

With this document, a person (a Russian citizen) or an institution registered in Russia is inviting you to visit him or them in Russia on a specific purpose.

This purpose can be touristic, professional (business), educational (studies) or private (private visit). The invitation letter must be made in accordance with the visa application, in other terms the purpose of the invitation letter must be similar to the one described in the visa you are applying for.

For example, you will not be able to apply for a student visa with a touristic invitation letter.

Why do I need an invitation?
It is no coincidence that the invitation letter is also known as visa support.

The invitation letter is an essential document in the visa application process. In other words, it is a document required for a foreign tourist to obtain a visa.

It confirms that you have been invited to come to Russia by a person or corporation legally registered in the country. If you cannot provide the invitation letter, your visa will not be granted.

Remember, it’s one of the main documents that you have to obtain, to be able to apply for the visa itself.

That’s the reason why you have to make sure you get the invitation letter before you start the visa application process.

Russia Invitation Letter

  • 1. What is the invitation letter and why I need it?

    According to Russian law for getting a Russian tourist or business visa you must have an invitation letter.
    Tourist invitation consists of two parts – the tourist confirmation letter (“подтверждение о приеме иностранного туриста” – in Russian) and the travel (tourist) voucher – in this documents there is necessary information which needs to apply the application for a Russian tourist visa (name of travel organization, its address, reference and confirmation numbers).
    Business invitation from Russian Organization is a document in the Russian language – in this document, there is necessary information which needs to apply the application for the Russian tourist visa (name of travel organization, its address and TIN number).


  • What kind of invitation I need to get Russian visa?

    If your trip is planned for up to 30 days, choose a single (or double) tourist invitation. If you would like to visit Russia several times or over 30 days – choose business invitation for six months or for one year. For most Russian consulates it’s enough a copy of invitation (for Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and others). Business invitation letters is appropriate only for EU, US citizens and some others. For UK citizens we can give FMS electronic invitation. (business invitation letter is not appropriate for UK by Russian Consulate rules).

  • How do get Russian visa with this invitation?

    Print your invitation. Make a color photo, health insurance and other documents (a full list of documents to specify the consulate or visa application center in your country). Fill out the form on the website of the Consulate of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Specify the tourism as a purpose of your trip, specify travel company, specify the name of travel organization, address, reference and confirmation (voucher №) numbers, and the hotel(s) that listed in your invitation. Visit the Russian consulate or visa application center, and after 3-5 days after your visit to the consulate or visa application center, you can get your Russian visa.

  • Is your invitation appropriate for Airbnb, or similar services?

    If you are planning to stay in Russia in apartment of your friends, booked an apartment using Airbnb service, or hotel using (or similar) service, or have not yet decided in what place in Russia you are going to stop, in all this cases to obtain a visa to Russia our invitation letter is appropriate for getting Russian visa.

  • Common mistakes in application form.

    Most often, our customers make mistakes in the passport number, and sometimes we receive an applications with wrong e-mail. Also check your travel dates – tourist visa can be issued only for 30 days (for example 09.12.2016 – 08.01.2017 – it’s 31 days). Carefully double-check all the data in application. The invitation with mistakes can rejected by Consulate.

  • Do you offer Flight & Hotel Booking

    Yes, You can book Flights & Hotel Online on our website. feel free to contact us if you have any questions.